1.            All Around the World (guitar, mando)

2.            All Prayed Up (Dobro, guitar)

3.            Amelia Earhart (guitar, mandolin)

4.            Anacaona (fiddle, guitar, accordion)

5.            Behind these prison walls (mandolin, guitar)

6.            Blackberry Blossom (guitar, banjo)

7.            Blackest Crow (Dobro, octave mando, cello)

8.            Booze Fighters

9.            Carol Ann (guitar, harmony slide, cello)

10.        Chicken Is Nice (banjo, Epiphone, bass)

11.        Close the Door(banjo w/picks, guitar)

12.        Could Be Wrong (guitar, Dobro slide)

13.        Crawdad Train(harmonica, guitar)

14.        Croquet Habits (fiddle, guitar)

15.        Darling We Are Growing Old (fiddle, banjo, guitar)

16.        Death is Only a Dream (Mandolin, Guitar)

17.        Do What You Will (Dobro, guitar, doghouse)

18.        Dog Gone Wrong (Dobro, guitar)

19.        Dreams That End Like This (fiddle, guitar)

20.        Eunice Waltz (guitar, bouzouki, accordion)

21.        Every Humble Knee (Dobro, war hammer, resonator Epiphone)

22.        False-Hearted Lover (harp, open D guitar)

23.        Farmerís Cursed Wife (Banjo, jaw harp)

24.        Fifty Miles (guitar, guitar)

25.        Fine By Me (Weissenborn, guitar, bowed bass)

26.        Girl Talk(Dobro, guitar)

27.        Goiní South (guitar, mando)

28.        Graveside (Dobro, guitar)

29.        High-born Gal (fiddle, banjo)

30.        Honky-Tonk Heartache (guitar, Dobro slide)

31.        How Long (Dobro, resonator Epiphone)

32.        I am an Orphan Child (guitar, mandolin)

33.        I Truly Understand (banjo, Dobro slide)

34.        Iíd Rather Have the Blues (Weissenborn, guitar)

35.        Iíll Not Be A Stranger (mandolin, guitar, cello)

36.        Iím Not Afraid To Die (bouzouki only)

37.        Iím So Lonesome (Dobro, guitar)

38.        If I Were You (guitar, guitar)

39.        Isle Au Haut (mandolin, guitar)

40.        Jíai Passe (guitar, banjo, accordion)

41.        Johnny Has Gone (Dobro, guitar, cello)

42.        Just a Pilgrim (guitar, mandolin, doghouse)

43.        Katy Dear (fiddle, banjo)

44.        Leland (guitar, banjo, bass harmonica)

45.        Love Knot (mandolin, guitar)

46.        Lone Pilgrim (guitar, banjo, cello)

47.        Lulu Walls (Guitar, Mandolin)

48.        Maggie-O (banjo, slide guitar)

49.        Magic Foot (guitar, mandolin, accordion)

50.        Mole in the Ground (banjo, fretless banjo, saw)

51.        More to be pitied (mandolin, guitar)

52.        Moviní Out (Dobro, guitar)

53.        Mt. Zion (mandolin, guitar, cello)

54.        My Heart Skips A Beat (fiddle, banjo, doghouse)

55.        My Little Carpenter (guitar, octave mando)

56.        My Love Lies in the Ground (fiddle, banjo)

57.        My Sweet Love Ainít Around (Dobro, guitar)

58.        My Warfare Will Soon Be Over (fiddle, bouzouki)

59.        Nadine (banjo, guitar)

60.        Napoleon (fiddle, hurdy gurdy, bass)

61.        Nothin Doin Waltz (fiddle, guitar, cello)by Andrew Byrd

62.        Old Churchyard (banjo w/picks, guitar, bass)

63.        Omie Wise (banjo, cello)

64.        One of Us Is Gone (guitar, banjo)

65.        Pathway of Teardrops (guitar, mandolin)

66.        Peg & Awl (fiddle, guitar, cello)

67.        Pole it Reba (banjo, guitar)

68.        Poor Orphan Child (fiddle, banjo, guitar)

69.        Red Long Fingernails (Banjo w/picks, Guitar)

70.        Seven Deadly Sins (banjo, guitar)

71.        Seven Skeletons (Dobro, guitar, accordion)

72.        Shame on You (Dobro, guitar)

73.        Shenandoah (Dobro, guitar, cello)

74.        Shiloh (guitar, banjo, cello)

75.        Shut That Gate (Dobro, guitar)

76.        Sin City (guitar, open D slide, accordion)

77.        Skillet Greasy (banjo no picks, Dobro slide)

78.        Small Fry (fiddle, guitar)

79.        Somebody on Your Bond (open D guitar, war hammer)

80.        Steel Guitar Medley (Dobro, guitar)

81.        Sugar Babe (guitar, Dobro slide)

82.        Texas Bluebonnets (Dobro, guitar)

83.        There Stands the Glass (Dobro, guitar)

84.        This World (banjo, guitar)

85.        Three-Quarter Time (mando, guitar, cello)

86.        Trouble in Mind (harp, banjo, guitar)

87.        Walking Back to Birmingham (harmonica, guitar, jug)

88.        What Are They Doing in Heaven Today (Weissenborn, guitar, cello)

89.        Whoís that Knocking (mandolin, guitar)

90.        Why Do You Bob Your Hair (guitar, banjo)

91.        Wild Mtn Thyme (mandolin, Dobro slide, accordion)

92.        Wind & Rain (banjo, guitar, cello)

93.        Wind & Water (harmonica, resonator)

94.        You Tried to Ruin my Name (Dobro, guitar)